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Davis Doodles Labradoodles is a quality breeder of American and Australian Labradoodle puppies in Atlanta, GA breeding Great Dogs for Great Families™

Black Labradoodle puppy

December 24, 2014 - All of our pet puppies are now sold.

However, we have one Guardianship opportunity available. Jojo is a four-month-old caramel miniature Labradoodle boy looking for his forever home! He has an awesome fleece coat and will end up in the 15-20 lb. range. He is just about finished with the entire vaccine series, and we are looking forward to beginning his health testing in March of 2015.

Miss Maple has started her cycle and will be bred to Tiger sometime this week! Yippy yahoo for miniature Labradoodle puppies due in February, going home in April! These babies should mature to the 15-25 lb. range and have cream/apricot/red allergy-friendly fleece coats!

ClarySage is due to cycle in February, and she will be bred to Benji for our very first litter of medium Labradoodles. This bundle of chocolate kisses will likely end up in the 30-35 lb. range, and we are looking forward to this litter with much anticipation!

The LucyPetunia-Teddy litter was so terrific that we are planning to repeat this pairing in the Spring. We may dual-sire the litter so that we can get some variation in size and color. Cami and Teddy will also be having their second litter for us in the Fall of 2015. All of these puppies will end up in the 40-50 lb. range and have fantastic temperaments and personalities to go along with their gorgeous allergy-friendly fleece coats! Contact us for more information!


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